Kosher Honey Apple Kush

From our Kosher facility to this kosher strain, our Kosher Honey Apple Kush is quite possibly the most kosher kush you'll ever see.

In case that’s not enough, we’ve extracted and blended kosher cannabis rosin with botanical terpenes for the perfect combo of flavours and THC.

So how much of a compromise do you need to make?


top Reasons to love this cartridge

Certified Kosher

Inspected by a Rabbi at every step of the way, these cartridges are certified 100% Kosher from the inputs, to the production process, to the final product. 

The Certs

Botanical Terpenes

We reintroduce botanical terpenes into our distillate oil to create seasonal flavour blends that are as festive as they are delicious.

The Terps


Our Kosher Honey Apple Kush comes in between 83% – 88% THC. Now that’s something to kvell about!